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38cm Acrylic Skull Bong

38cm Acrylic Skull Bong


Vibrant colours to choose from (colour shades may vary).

This product is used in conjunction of other products which contains nicotine; a highly addictive substance.

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38cm Acrylic Skull Bong

When you’re taking a bong hit, you want the coolest, smoothest hit you can so you get the most out of your herbs.

To achieve this, you want a large amount of water in the base and and lots of space for the smoke to cool down.

This 38cm Acrylic Skull Bong gives you exactly that.

There is a huge bubble at the bottom to fill water, and a long stem for the smoke to cool down.

You can keep doing bong hits without your lungs hurting after!

The bong is made from thick premium acrylic.

This means it is much more sturdy than glass and cheaper acrylic bongs.

The metal stem is similarly sturdy and easily detachable making it easy to clean.


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Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Orange, Yellow


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