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Blizzard Blueberry 100ml-Yeti

Blizzard Blueberry 100ml-Yeti


This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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Blizzard Blueberry 100ml-Yeti

Blizzard Blueberry 100ml-Yeti is full of the finest handpicked and sweet berries made frozen by the arctic elements.

Treat your taste buds to sharp icy notes, warmed by the summery flavour of one of the firm favourite blue fruit.

Blizzard Blueberry 100ml-Yeti has 70%VG / 30%PG for maximum flavour enhancement and dense clouds.

The 100ml liquid comes in a 120ml bottle with space for 2 nicotine shots.



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YeTi eliquids are one of the latest frosty vape juice innovations on the vaping market.

This vape juices are based on double or single tasty fruit combination added with Yeti top secret cool ice.

Yeti e-liquids are very simmiliar to so famous Dr. Frost vape juices and are also coming in Shortfill 100ml e liquid bottle with a space of 20ml for Nicotine Shots.

Dr. Frost change name of their famous e-liquid to Yeti E-liquids.

Bring your vaping experience to new level with this fantastic quality and taste juices.

Top Quality vape juice is possible to produce only with high-quality food flavourings.

We recommend Yeti E-liquids for all ice blast menthol vaping lovers.


Vape industry

We understand the demand to provide a range of exceptional products that meet the needs of every customer.

The vape industry has developed greatly in only a few years, with far better products now available compared to devices in the early days.

From the simple cigarette kit,  vapes have developed to give you longer battery life, temperature and wattage control and mods in all different shapes and sizes.


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