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HW Mini Twisty Glass Blunt

HW Mini Twisty Glass Blunt


Twisty Glass Blunt Bubbler Kit

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HW Mini Twisty Glass Blunt

HW Mini Twisty Glass Blunt features a glass pipe and glass bubbler combo kit designed for portability and convenience.

This kit features a reusable design for loose leaf and dry herb material.

The Glass Pipe is simple to use and requires no tobacco paper.

The inner corkscrew allows you to operate and clean quickly with efficiency.

This kit includes a glass pipe, glass bubbler, silicone cap, 510 threaded glass mouthpiece, bubbler connector, and a cleaning brush for your convenience.

This product is a great gift choice to your friends or someone you love, also a collectable to treasure for every enthusiast.


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Black, Rose Gold


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