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Raw Classic Rolls 3m

Raw Classic Rolls 3m


Everybody loves RAW, it’s more than just a paper, it’s a way of life.

(Available in both Classic and Organic Hemp styles)

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Raw Classic Rolls 3m

Great for all your RAW fanatics who want to choose their own size of paper.

  • Raw Classic Rolls 3m Natural Unrefined Classic Rolls
  • Purest natural fibers
  • Each paper is watermarked with Crisscross imprint which helps prevent runs & maintains the smoothest burn
  • Raw Undefined papers contain a blend of non-chlorinated fibers and are finished with a natural hemp gumline to match the burn rate of the rolling paper.


Raw Classic Rolls 3m are made from the same rolling paper material that you’ve loved.

The Rolls are made from unbleached Natural and Organic Paper and have a natural light brown colour due to the hybrid blend and unbleached fibres.

You get a nice golden brown, translucent smoking paper.


With RAW Classic Rolls, you’re not limited by the size.

You can simply decide the size and then roll it.

Have a group of friends coming over?

Roll a big one.

In a hurry?

Roll a small one.

You can decide the length as per your preference and mood, and simply tear it out to roll yourself a perfect doobie.

This 3m uncut paper is about 54mm wide and gives you an out of world smoking session.

Smooth Burn

The Kingsize Paper is designed to give you a slow burn, allowing you to leisure indulge in a smoking session.

It is also easier to pass it around. The entire roll is watermarked, which makes the paper burn more evenly and accurately.


The RAW Flap is equipped with a magnetic closure which makes it easy to tear the desired length.

The magnet flap holds down the paper to keep it ready for pulling and tearing on the cutting edge.



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Single Roll, Box of 12


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