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Raw Parchment Paper 500

Raw Parchment Paper 500


Each pack of natural, environmentally friendly parchment papers.

Everybody loves RAW, it’s more than just a paper, it’s a way of life.

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Raw Parchment Paper 500

100% Natural

The Raw Parchment Paper 500 is made from 100% unrefined, wind-mill powered paper which makes it free from chemicals and Quilon which is used in other parchment papers.

The paper is manufactured to keep in mind that nothing mixes with your wax or concentrates.


The RAW Parchment Squares are made with naturally unbleached paper and coated with pure eco-friendly silicone.

This makes it extremely eco-friendly, like most of the other leading RAW products.

Storage Buddy

The RAW Parchment Papers are made to store your wax and legal concentrates efficiently, without sticking to the paper.

It handles your wax exceptionally well and is also safe to use with scrapers.

Attractive Qualities

RAW Parchment Paper is known as the best unrefined extra slick dual-coated parchment paper ever made.

It is also non-stick, heat resistant & safe to use with razors & scrapers.

Additionally, this is a windmill-powered, totally chlorine-free, GMO-free, vegan -product.


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