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Rizla Regular Rolling Papers

Rizla Regular Rolling Papers


Rizla Regular Rolling Papers are available in a range of colours, all of which are unique in their own way.

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Rizla Regular Rolling Papers

Pick your favourite from the Rizla Regular Rolling Papers!


  • Liquorice

Fancy something a bit different?

Try Liquorice for a flavour like no other.

This unique paper is nice and sturdy to roll with.

Thickness: medium


  • Medium Thin Green Cut Corners

Both robust and flexible, Green papers are easy to roll – and pre-cut corners make rolling even easier.

Plus, Green’s medium weight has been specially developed to work well with the moisture content of UK tobacco.

Thickness: regular


  • Medium Thin Red

Looking for a good all rounder?

Look no further than Red.

While most of our papers are thin or extra-thin, Red is a medium paper weight so it’s super robust and easy to roll – perfect for the everyday roller.

Thickness: medium


  • Super Thin Silver

Call yourself an expert?

Then you’ll appreciate Silver, our thinnest paper ever.

Of all our papers, this extra-thin paper delivers the slowest burn and the least paper taste.

If you’re an experienced roller, Silver is the paper for you.

(Available with tips also, single or box of 24 Booklets.)

Thickness: extra thin


  • Thin Blue Slow Burn Slim

Blue is a thinner paper and takes more skill to roll than Green.

Once mastered, however, you can experience a slower burn all whilst using less tobacco – two birds with one stone!

Thickness: thin


  • Thin Pink

Thin in size, powerful in performance.

Don’t judge Pink by its colour – these thin papers offer a slower burn with a reduced paper taste.

And as we know: the thinner the paper, the less tobacco needed for an outstanding roll.

Thickness: thin


  • Regular White

Thick for a smooth taste.

Never underestimate the power of thick.

White not only offers an easy, accessible roll, but also delivers a smooth taste due to the paper’s density.

Thickness: thick


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Liquorice, Medium Thin Green, Medium Thin Red, Super Thin Silver Slim, Thin Blue Slow Burn Slim, Thin Pink, Regular White


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